Who are we really?


The main purpose of this site is to keep the conversation going on animal welfare issues. I believe news on animal care issues and humane efforts as well as sharing personal experiences with animals will help my goals in fighting against and bringing awareness to animal cruelty.

Towards that end I created a semi aggregate site that shares news stories from various sources on the web. Such sources will include, but is not limited to, news from various charitable organizations. I also linked to donation pages from various charities for those who would like to donate!

Meet Me

This is my Capstone project for the Master’s Program in Interactive Media at Quinnipiac University. For this project I deem my role as a Web Developer. This website was created with a responsive WordPress theme instead of a responsive website template that I am more accustomed to working with. But I wanted to have a conversation with the viewers and was excited to learn how to use WordPress. Please let me know your thoughts on the website!

Nicole Ramai

Website Developer

Motto? Let’s grow compassion for animals and bring awareness to animal welfare issues!

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