Baby Rhino Gertjie and Lammie

An update on Baby Gertjie. He’s recovering well at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre. And he’s made friends. This very cute clip shows Gertijie imitating his friend Lammie’s gait. Who knew a Rhino could befriend a goat?

Actually it may not seem so odd as both species are herbivores. That’s right – as large as Rhinos can grow (3000+ pounds of awesome) they reach their size by munching on grass and leaves. As a matter of fact, the shape of their mouth helps them to grave better and intake more. Astounding right? Such magnificent animals walking the earth and not harming a soul are endangered from our species’ poaching efforts.

For any disbelievers – watch this and tell me these animals are not intelligent, can’t feel and can’t communicate effectively without each other.