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Military personnel worked on a casualty simulator that mimics a 190-pound man. The simulator was developed in part in Boston.

Pentagon to Halt Use of Live Animals in Medical Training

The Boston Globe

Truth be told I never knew that animals were in fact being used in medical training by our military. So I’m glad that this practice is no more but dismayed…...

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Killer whale Tilikum

Blackfish and Our Obsession with Animals as Entertainment

The Guardian

So a killer whale really is a killer whale? Who knew? Actually there are many animals in captivity and on showcase for people’s entertainment who shouldn’t be on showcase for…...

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Rhino Gertjie

Endangered Baby Rhino Gertjie Can’t Sleep Alone

Daily Mail UK

You may think this is cute. The truth is the baby watched as his mother was slaughtered by poachers. He was found crying beside her body before he was taken…...

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Map of Sharks and Rays

New Protection for Sharks & Rays

The Humane Society

The Humane Society is implementing a new system to protect sharks and rays from us. Yes that’s right. Apparently we consume tens of millions of shark fins a year as…...

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Chicken from Poultry Farm

ASPCA’s Take on Farm Animals


Even farm animals have rights. From life up until death humane treatment to animals on factory farms is often ignored and neglected in favor for increasing profit. Increased production and…...

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Cows Pic

Cage-Free, Grass Fed – What?


Finally an article that gives me a breakdown on the definition of these terms. What’s alarming? They didn’t mean what I assumed they meant. The good news? Now I’ll be…...

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JACQUELINE DORMER/STAFF PHOTOS Janine Choplick, humane officer from Hillside SPCA, holds Stella, one of the dogs rescued from a hoarding situation, on Wednesday at Hillside SPCA in Pottsville.

Spaying, Neutering Will Save Animals Lives

Republican Herald

Great article from the Republican Herald that talks about the importance of spaying, neutering your pets. There is an overpopulation of dogs and cats that are born every year and…...

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Kenyan Dogs being vaccinated against Rabies pic

The Plan to Eliminate Rabies and Protect Dogs in Kenya

World Animal Protection Organization

According to the World Animal Organization Kenya has initiated a national strategy to control and eliminate Rabies. Rabies has been native in this country since 1912. Read the full article…...

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Elephant Poaching Photo

Elephant and Rhino Poaching

The Huffington Post

The article from the Huffington Post reads: “Between 2010 and 2012 more than 100,000 elephants were lost to poaching, an average of more than 35,000 a year or 10% of…...

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Cabreera Horse Carriage Picture

Horse-Drawn Carriages in NYC

Norwood News

I’m sure it’s a romantic notion and quite a tourist attraction being ridden down 5th Avenue in NYC by a horse-draw carriage. But, as a New Yorker, I cringe anytime…...

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Image Source: HSUS 2011 Animal Rescue

2011 HSUS Animal Rescue

The Humane Society

This may be a little hard to watch. The living conditions the HSUS found these animals in were deplorable in rural Arizona. It looks like a puppy mill that’s been…...

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North Shore Animal League Volunteer Pic

Kate Haslbauer: Volunteers Making a Difference

North Shore Animal League

Way to go Kate! Volunteers are a vital part of a charitable organization and Kate definitely plays her part. She has been a member of North Shore Animal League since…...

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Upped Protection for Whales

World Animal Protection Organization

We’ve got news from the World Animal Protection Organization! Two rulings has upped the animal welfare plan for whales. This is great news for whales and a great step in…...

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Endangered Wolf

Hunting Wolves for Sport

The Humane Society

This article published by The Humane Society talks about trophy hunting wolves and the need to protect a species that have been re-listed on our endangered species list. Why is…...

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